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Meet The Preferred Team!

*Preferred Marble & Granite, Inc., has always strived to be the best at what we do, providing a superior product for the best value!

*Over the last 19+ years we have formulated a very strategic and loyal buying plan that keeps quality high and prices competitive.  Developing relationships with premium suppliers allows us to have a preferred, premium block selection, consistency in quality and pricing, expert mineral knowledge, and together we pulled our resources to minimize the extreme rising inflation, ocean freight, and international and domestic drayage costs that so many others have faced.  

*We have developed the logistical coordination to supply all of our clients, domestically and internationally.

*With non commissioned team members, Preferred Marble & Granite, Inc., has been able to set their standards higher with superior customer service, product/technique knowledge, industry standards, and the most up to date safety protocols all while providing you with the most competitive pricing available.

Always looking for the Next Top Performer!!!

Interested in joining Central Florida's Premier Natural Stone Distributor?  Click the link below and start filling out an application!

Meet your "Preferred Herd"

Lakeland Warehouse

Krystal emp bio.png

Lakeland Yard Manager

rafael bio.png

Lakeland Warehouse Driver

john bio.png

North FL Area Leader

jay bio 5-2023.png

Ocala Warehouse

Gabe bio pic 4-2023.png

Ocala Driver

jake bio 5-2023.png

Leesburg Warehouse

leesburg team leader job opening template.png

Leesburg Driver

luis bio 5-2023.png

Corporate Office

sam bio.png

Hotshot/LTL Loads

Jacob bio.png
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